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Safety in Reporting Infographic

Role: Designer and Creative Director

To support Uber's transparency related to safety procedures, an infographic was created for the company, residing within Uber's 2019 Taxonomy Report. Uber aimed for a clean, procedural approach to illustrate rider safety reporting options, as well as Uber's accountability to their customers during a transformative time for the company.


From 2010-2017 as Uber grew, the company was heralded as the epitome of on-demand transport at your fingertips, creating a culture of ease and accessibility when it came to the traditional cab experience. Around the time of 2019 when their CEO changeover occurred, there was a deep sentiment around rider protection and safety amid building brand trust. 


I was part of a determined project to articulate updates to the platform around rider safety and ensuring the simplicity around communicating the updates to the rider base.   

Key Framework


- Ensure riders understand how to file a safety ticket, how it's processed, and how it's responded to


- Key themes: sound, clear, and solid response process



- Top priority support channels for riders: Uber (in-app support),, uber safety features (ex. emergency assistance button), left-side channels are lower priority for incident reporting (ex. fare issues, social, media reports, etc.)


- Clearly indicate emergency reports are handled and actioned


KEY CONTENT (sketch)

Holistic and robust process which is easy to digest, specialized person-centric team (how Uber helps you), response time to take appropriate action, Uber believes all reports at face value, responds with empathy and care


Process and Understandings

Multiple iterations were produced in an effort to provide clarity around the key takeaways and actions. On the heels of a brand refresh, I incorporated updated illustration, iconography, and branding into the piece. Working with the team at Uber, we collaborated closely to ensure the infographic hierarchy highlighted the best outcomes. 


Final Result

The approved solution consisted of an easy-to-digest, step-by-step infographic that was clear and on-brand. It was important that this translated in digital and print, as well as could be segmented for presentation.

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